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Fate - A movie staring Lee Majors Psychological Thriller 

Starring: Michael Pare ("Eddie & The Cruisers", "Streets of Fire"), Phillip Michael Thomas ("Miami VIce "), Lee Majors ("Six-Million Dollar Man", "Fall-Guy")

Director: Ace Cruz

Producer: Ray Guthrie, Ace Cruz, Andre King

As You Sow, So Shall You Reap

Oscar (Lee Majors) (“Six-Million Dollar Man”, “Fall-Guy”) wants to change the world, teaching children to be good citizens. But his dreams are shattered when he is fired from his job. His good intentions lead him to take the judgment of good and evil into his own hands. Based on his interpretation of the stories of the bible, he punishes victims the way he thinks God wants him to.

Fate - A movie staring Carolyn MacMeanwhile Cody Martin (Michael Pare) (“Eddie & The Cruisers”, “Streets of Fire”), an ex-fed turned detective with an impressive arrest record, meets his new partner Detective Lieutenant Ciprian Raines. Ciprian Raines (Phillip Michael Thomas) (“Miami Vice”) is a retired agent whose work is well noted in the files of the F.B.I and the C.I.A. He comes out of retirement for reasons only he knows to take this case. Fate - A movie staring  Philip Michael ThomasBased on his painful memories of a sting operation Cody would rather not work with Raines. In this sting, Cody was almost killed and ultimately saved by Raines. While Raines sees this as fate, Cody would rather put that chapter and Raines behind him.

Fate - A movie staring Michael ParéThe murder mystery starts out with a swollen dead body, the result of a rare snakebite. The snake, similar to the serpent in the garden of Eden, ... this killing leads them to uncover a passage from the story of Noah's ark, where God tells Noah he'll wipe out the Fate - A movie by Ace Cruzentire human race for their wrongdoings. Are these modern killings the wrath of god?

 After discovering multiple killings, the detectives wonder how Oscar is choosing these victims and where is he taking them. Cody Martin and the killer's fate are intertwined when the killer kidnaps his girlfriend Catherine (Tamie Sheffield) (Fear Factor). Can Cody escape Fate? The only way out is to face his painful accept his destiny.