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Fallen Angles

Fallen Angels

Starring: Michael Ironside, Kai Wiesinger, Esme Eliot and Jeff Fahey - Abandoned and filled with a mysterious past, Holy Angel School for Girls is about to reveal its secrets of betrayal, jealousy and vengeance. Rumours of haunting, paired with the desire to forget the painful tragedies that took place five years before, have kept the truth of Holy Angel's last days buried with the innocent victims.

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Fate - A movie by Ace Cruz


Starring: Michael Pare, Philip Michael Thomas and Lee Majors - Oscar (Lee Majors) (“Six-Million Dollar Man”, “Fall-Guy”) wants to change the world, teaching children to be good citizens. But his dreams are shattered when he is fired from his job. His good intentions lead him to take the judgment of good and evil into his own hands. Based on his interpretation of the stories of the bible, he punishes victims the way he thinks God wants him to.

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Saw Blade

Starring: Reggie Bannister (“Phantasm” ”Wishmaster”), Monte Hunter (“Lizzy Borden” ”Robot Battles”), Kristen Zaik (“Gothic Vampires From Hell”), Jed Rowen (“Creepies” “Witch’s Sabbath”) - In the tradition of such movie successes as “SAW” and “HOSTEL” comes the rock and roll horror film “SAW BLADE”. One lucky local band will be given 24 hours to record their "breakthrough" song and music video to be released at the official opening of the recording studio, converted from a dilapidated factory. The name of the band is SAW BLADE. Once in the studio, the band quickly starts rehearsing for their music video, unaware that their music is causing the awakening of the charred rotting remains of evil Elliot Benson, killed 25 years ago. His body emerges from it's grave with his deadly Saw Blade in hand.

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Las Vegal Warrior

Las Vegas Warrior

Starring: Laurie Hanley and Suk Woo Nam - When a martial arts fighter gets killed during a bare fisted kick-boxing fight, a “female” investigative reporter decides to pursue this story and follows Suk into the depth of the world of illegal underground fighting.

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