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Saw Blade

Sawblade Horror - 87 minutes

Starring: Reggie Bannister (“Phantasm” ”Wishmaster”), Monte Hunter (“Lizzy Borden” ”Robot Battles”), Kristen Zaik (“Gothic Vampires From Hell”), Jed Rowen (“Creepies” “Witch’s Sabbath”)

Director: Dennis Devine
(“Bloodmask” ”Dead Girls”)

Producer: David Sterling
(“Death Factory” “Alien 3000“)

Exec Producer: Maurice Smith
(“Alien Agent” “Covenant of Evil”)

When The Music Rocks
Heads Will Roll

Blood is only the beginning

In the tradition of such movie successes as “SAW” and “HOSTEL” comes the rock and roll horror film “SAW BLADE”.

The urban legend surrounding the death of violent and mentally unstable Elliot Benson was created almost 25 years ago when he mysteriously disappeared from sight at the slaughterhouse where he worked as a butcher. Benson, an evil and vicious man was killed by his co-workers, who then cut off his head, burned his body and buried his charred remains below the basement of the building.

Present Day: The dilapidated factory has now been purchased by Malcolm Ashe, a sleazy record promoter, who has converted the old building into a recording studio named Slaughterhouse Records. As a means to create public awareness for the opening of the studio, Malcolm has announced that one lucky local band will be given 24 hours to record their “breakthrough” song and music video which he will then release to the press the next morning when the doors of the studio officially open. The name of that band is SAW BLADE.

Once in the studio, the band quickly starts rehearsing for their music video, unaware that their music is causing the awakening of the charred rotting remains of Elliott Benson. His body emerges from it’s grave and with his deadly Saw Blade in hand, Benson heads out to kill whomever is in the building.